The ESMAGA brand has daily requests for ambassadors/partnerships/sponsorships.

In order to respond to all requests, we have created a tab called “AMBASSADORS”.

After registering, you will be able to access the platform with your email and password that will be provided by ESMAGA, as well as the name of your discount coupon.

On the AMBASSADORES platform, you will be able to follow the performance and earnings accumulated with the use of your coupon.

The ESMAGA ambassador coupon works as follows:

If your friends/followers use it, they have a 10% discount, this discount reverts to your benefit, accumulating with your earnings that will be transferred by ESMAGA at the end of each month. As we do not offer any of our products for brand promotion, you have a 20% discount; 10% on direct purchases + 10% added to your earnings. Please note that if your coupon is not used every 6/12 months, the system will automatically deactivate it, meaning that we will then have to select ambassadors to reactivate your discount coupon.

At the moment, these are the conditions that we can offer.

Thanks and... CRUSHES !!!